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Vendor from Brazilian street paperOcas sells the street paper

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Each year, our network supports over 20,500 people in poverty to earn a dignified living and rebuild their lives by selling street papers in cities across the world. This model empowers people, with limited opportunities, to improve their lives.

For many it also provides a supportive community to combat isolation and loneliness.

Agathe's story

Agathe Melançon, 51, sells L’Itinéraire in Montréal, Québec, Canada

Woman from L'Itinéraire street paper standing facing the camera and smiling

For me, L'Itinéraire street paper is belonging. I feel that I am part of a great team. We get a helping hand and benefit from having people around us, breaking out of isolation, talking with people, having a space to communicate, especially when we write for the street paper.

It allows you to have a little extra income and a flexible schedule. And street papers create awareness of the reality of people living on the street and in poverty.

The intervention workers are good listeners. They helped me after the death of my mother recently. It’s good to have people around who don’t judge me and take me as I am.

L'Itinéraire vendor, Agathe Melançon

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